OPS Slot-in PC Intel 4K Celeron (Apollo Lake)

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The fan-less Slot-in PC featuring the latest generation Intel® Celeron 2 x 2.4 GHz processor (“Apollo Lake”) sets new standards in power efficient computing utilised for common signage applications.

Daha fazla bilgi

Daha fazla bilgi

Supporting static and dynamic content even up to UHD playback, powerful performance for signage content is perfectly balanced with cost-efficiency. The OPS concept is the first industry-wide digital signage standard, simplifying device installation, usage and maintenance, whilst providing a fully embedded yet upgradeable solution. Delivering performance and value for many different digital signage applications, this embedded PC solution is used to power Flight Information in Airports, Media Players for Retail Signage, Menu Board play-out systems for QSR, information displays in museums and enterprises and much more.

Delivering Genuine Benefits
  • Performance plus value - The new Intel® Celeron Dual Core Processor (“Apollo Lake”) delivers reliable performance with up to 2.4 GHz in turbo clock speed
  • Ultra High Definition playback - Intel® HD500 graphics provides 4K/60Hz resolution with remarkable video performance thanks to built-in HW decoding of H.265 (HEVC), H264, VP8, SVC und MVC
  • High usage flexibility - thanks to wide connectivity such as 3 x USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio and optional WiFi and mobile web (4G/LTE)
  • Green and economical - super low power consumption saves your wallet and the environment
  • Fan-less design - ensuring silent operation and increased durability plus reliability even for 24/7 operation
  • Simply plug into the future - Compatibility with open OPS Standard for Option Slot Products ensures long life cycles and safe investments
  • Seamless and fully embedded - - since all connectors are inside the display including power, video & audio signals and RS232, no external cables are required
  • A commitment to quality - tailored warranties available to best match long-term demands by extending standard warranty up to 5 years
Technical Specifications:

Order Codes

OPS-Apl-s4/32/W10IoT B


OPS-Apl-s4/32/no OS B


OPS-Apl-s4/64/W10IoT B 


OPS-Apl-s4/64/no OS B


OPS-Apl-s4/32/W10IoT WB


OPS-Apl-s4/32/W10IoT 4G B




Intel® Celeron N3350 2 x 1.1 GHz (Apollo Lake) base frequency, 2 x 2.4 GHz in burst frequency

Graphics Controller

Integrated Gen9-LP Graphics controller, with 18 Execution Units 4K HW decoding and encoding of HEVC(H.265), H.264, VP8, SVC, MVC


4GB (DDR3L), Soldered Down DDR3L-1866 memory

Mass Storage

32GB Flash (eMMC) soldered, optional mSata SSD (MLC) different configurations available on request (Build-to-order), Shared memory for operating system. Size of pre-loaded W10IoT Enterprise distribution ~17GB

Operating System

Windows 10 IoT LTSB x 64bit (pre-loaded), different configurations available on request (Build-to-order)


Interfaces Frontside

2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0, RJ45 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps, 2 x Antenna for WIFI or 3G/LTE cellular (optional) 1 x Micro Sim Card (optional)

Interfaces backside

Internal OPS-interface to OPS Slot-in PC (JAE 80-pin connector)

Internal HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2


Analoge Stereo, Intel Display Audio over internal HDMI


Via internal connector to Large Format Display


EDID/DDC support

Up to 4096 x 2160 Pixels (Automatic System Setup via DDC Support) Internal OPS interface HDMI up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz Internal OPS interface DisplayPort up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz (supported displays: NEC X651UHD-2/ NEC X841UHD-2/ NEC X981UHD-2)

Power Consumption (Full Load) [W]:

11 Watt max 3 Watt idle mode


Operating Temperature [°C]



Net Weight (kg)0.8
Gross Weight (kg)0.9
Size / Gross Dimensions (m)

0.12 x 0.03 x 0.19 / 0.19 x 0.07 x 0.26



All NEC Large Format Displays with Option Slot (OPS or DualSlot), NEC PX and NEC PH Series Projectors


3 Years warranty, additional services available

Available Options

External Adapter (24/7)

OPS Standalone Adapter, Order Code: 100013143