Slot-in HDSDI Interface 3G STv2 Daha büyük görüntüle

Slot-in HDSDI Interface 3G STv2

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Fully integrated HDSDI interface for all NEC Large Format Displays and projectors with STv2 or Large Format Displays with NEC dual slot in combination with dual slot adapter to deliver the best possible image quality

Daha fazla bilgi

Daha fazla bilgi

Compatible with NEC large format displays featuring STv2 OPS technology. All others are compatible using dual slot adapter or external stand-alone adpater.

  • Full digital operation
  • Serial digital video input up to 2.970 Gbits/sec
  • Equalized and re-clocked SDI loop-thru output
  • DVI HD output resolution matches SDI input
  • Up to 12 bit colour support
  • Audio extraction