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SMART Podium 624

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Deliver dynamic presentations

The SMART Podium interactive pen display lets instructors and professionals present while writing notes or illustrations with a cordless pen on the 24" touch screen. By facing the audience while projecting to a large display, speakers can take questions, gauge understanding and adapt their presentations to drive home key concepts.

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Boyut [inch]24"
Çözünürlük1920 x 1080

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Untethered freedom 

The cordless, battery-free pen lets presenters easily write notes without limiting body language, enhancing their connection with the audience. 

Any size audience 

By projecting SMART Podium to a large display, such as a SMART Board, presenters can guide audiences of any size in a variety of room configurations.  

Dynamic presentations 

SMART Podium encourages participation by letting presenters capture and save their audience's ideas, feedback and questions on the fly.