NEC P502HL-2

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Laser Projector 

LaserPhosphor  HDMI  24-7  3D 

FullHD   CrestronConnected 

Tip  DLP
Parlaklık [AL]5000
Çözünürlük1920 x 1080
Işık Kaynağı         Laser
Lamba Ömrü [h] 20000
Ağırlık [kg]8.8

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Bilgi kartı

Ürün GruplarıLaser Projeksiyon
Parlaklık Aralığı3000 - 5000 AL
Parlaklık [Ansi Lumen]5000
Doğal Çözünürlük1920 x 1080 (FULL HD)
Görüntü Formatı16:9
Lamba Ömrü [saat]20000
LensF 2–2.5, f 18.2–31.1 mm
Fan Gürültüsü [dB (A)]31 / 39 (Eco / Normal)

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The NEC P502HL-2 - The ultra-low maintenance projector for maximum versatility

With the NEC P502HL-2 you will enlighten your audience by delivering crisp image quality, even in challenging lighting conditions. Built upon laser light technology, it features an exceptional up to 20,000 hours maintenance free operation and revolutionizes the long life time of projectors by eliminating high lamp replacement costs for maximum reliability and little maintenance. Benefit from the integrated NEC MultiPresenter for wireless presenting functionality (optional USB WLAN adapter required) and enjoy quick connection via 4 digit pin enabling immediate wireless interaction with your audience.

With wide optical zoom, vertical/horizontal lens shift and state-of-the-art connectivity options like HDBaseT, the world’s most compact 5000 ANSI Lumen Laser projector provides the possibility of using existing infrastructures, e.g. ceiling mounts and making sure that your investment is protected for the future. The NEC P502HL-2 is the ideal solution for auditoriums, large meeting rooms and classrooms, museum spaces and signage applications, projecting a screen size of up to 300”.


  • Professional and Flexible Installation – versatile projection characteristics allow for simple positioning of the projector, making installation easy and potentially saving set up costs.
  • Wireless image sharing – thanks to powerful networking capabilities that allow multiple users to connect simultaneously, mirror an Android device with Miracast or simply share content using a web browser.
  • High reliability and low cost of ownership – thanks to 5000 ANSI lumen Laser Light Source for up to 20,000 h maintenance free operation.
  • Great connectivity – due to numerous analog and digital connection terminals incl. HDBaseT, 2 x HDMI with 3D support.
  • Free tilting and portrait mode projection – for creative installations in museum and signage applications.
  • Improved colour presentation – best colour reproduction, enjoy even more natural colours for true-to-life images.
  • Faster power off – the projector cools within just 10 seconds of switch off.
  • Risk Group 2 saves you installation and operation effort – because of the Risk Group 2 compliance, no prescribed safety precautions are necessary.