NEC MultiSync PA302W

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LCD 30" Professional Display 

GB-R-LED     NaViSet 

Height Adjust [mm]150
Panel TechnologyAH-IPS
Brightness [cd/m²]340
Resolution (optimum)2560 x 1600
Order Code60003488 (BK)

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Panel TeknolojisiIPS
Boyut [inch]30
Parlaklık [cd /m²]340
Tepkime Süresi [ms]12 (6 white / black; 6 black / white); 7 (grey-to-grey)
Kontrast oranı1000:1
Çözünürlük (Optimum)2560 x 1600
Boyutları (G x Y x D) [mm]688 x 466.4 - 616.4 x 301.6 (Landscape mode); Without stand: 688 x 446.8 x 82
Ağırlığı [kg]17; Without stand: 10.7

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Professional Reference 10-bit AH-IPS GB-R LED Display delivers uncompromising image quality as well as minimising life-cycle environmental impact. Uniting outstanding colour reproduction, class-leading ergonomics, an built-in carbon savings meter, ambient light sensor and 10-bit AH-IPS performance makes it ideal for creative professionals.

The ideal display for all creative professionals, designers, photographers, CAD-CAM, video-editing, finance, precision engineering, medical imaging, broadcasting and industrial applications (e.g. NDT) and anyone who cares about their visual work.


  • Future-proof Connectivity – as well as easier support of high resolution, 10-bit AH-IPS colour signals is assured with the DisplayPort connector.
  • Improved Productivity and Reduced Desk Clutter – through easy multi-platform support and input following USB hub. Picture-by-picture allows two different platforms to be simultaneously viewed. A single mouse and keyboard can be switched to the active operating system.
  • Instant Real-time Visualisation – with the 3D LUT colour emulation and the picture-in-picture function you can simulate accurately different lighting conditions with varying paper colours.
  • Responsible Approach to Environmental Impact – is maintained, without any performance compromise: Ambient Light Sensor, Carbon Footprint Meter / Carbon Savings Meter and efficient cabinet packing design.
  • Save Time and Increase Personal Productivity – see reality on your screen and see your creative masterpieces precisely as you envisioned them.