NEC MultiSync P801 SST (ShadowSense)

Üretimi Bitti (EOL)

LCD 80" Professional Large Format Touch Display 

24-7   ShadowSense   CrestronConnected   FullHD   NaViSet 

Haze Level [%]5
Power Consumption [W]239
Operating Hours24/7
Panel TechnologyUV2A
Brightness [cd/m²]700
Resolution1920 x 1080
Order Code60003766

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Bilgi kartı

Panel TeknolojisiUV2A
Boyut [inch]80''
Parlaklık [cd /m²]700
Tepkime Süresi [ms]6 to 8
Kontrast oranı5000:1
Haze Level [%]5
Çözünürlük1920 x 1080
Çalışma Saati24/7
Desteklenen OryantasyonLandscape; Portrait
Boyutları (G x Y x D) [mm]Without stand: 1,878 x 1,097 x 104
Ağırlığı [kg]Without stand: 85

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NEC MultiSync ® P801 SST - Interactivity breathes new life into Digital Signage

Animated content catches the eye far more effectively than static images making digital signage a compelling proposition. By adding interactivity the spectator becomes an integral part of the story thus intensifying customer loyalty.

An interactive signage application integrated with the 80" 10-point-touch display entices the user to engage with the content, which at 700 cd/m 2 brightness and with an attractive colour spectrum guarnatees an extraordinary visual and touch experience.

A perfect solutions for retail and digital signage industry where owners wish to address their customers on a more personal level whilst increasing their ROI and securing their investment into a brighter future.


  • Avoid Touch Frustration – satisfy users with the highest touch point accuracy, filtering out misleading touch-sizes and avoiding ghost touches even in high ambient light operation.
  • Seamless Touch Integration – work hand-in-hand with multi-touch applications while using the 10 touch points of ShadowSense™ touch technology in real-time collaboration.
  • Intuitive Touch Behaviour – enjoy intuitive working and let the display automatically detect and switch between interactions like finger whipping, stylus writing and erasing.
  • Simple Plug & Play – easy set-up without the need to install any drivers on the host PC for all major operating systems.
  • Ease of Use – enhance the display with an optional “Windows based” Slot-in-PC using the integrated Ultra High Resolution OPS option slot, thereby simplifying installations and reducing the points of failure.
  • Cost Saving Device Management – save effort whilst managing all connected NEC devices from a centralised location by using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool.