NEC U321Hi (Multi-Touch)

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Interactive Multi-Touch Projector 


Brightness [ANSI Lumen]3200
Resolution1920 x 1080
Light SourceLamp
Lamp Life [h]4000
Weight [kg]4.7

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Ürün GruplarıUltra Kısa Mesafe Projeksiyon
Parlaklık Aralığı3000 - 5000 AL
Parlaklık [Ansi Lumen]3200
Doğal Çözünürlük1920 x 1080 (FULL HD)
Görüntü Formatı16:9
Lamba Ömrü [saat]4000
Ağırlığı [kg]4.7 Kg.
Ekstra ÖzelliklerInteractive Multi-Touch Projector

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This ultra-short throw interactive projector releases space within small to medium sized classrooms and meeting rooms, projecting onto screen sizes between 85-100” without creating shadow or glare, allowing users to get up close in comfort to interact using the Multi-Touch function. 
With 1080p resolution and 10.000:1 contrast, the U321Hi Multi-Touch delivers perfect image quality for very detailed content as well as high quality movies including 3D content from Blu-Ray players, thanks to HDMI 3D support. Demanding applications in higher education such as design and engineering will appreciate the 1080p resolution for the high level of detail achieved.


  • Great picture quality – thanks to 1080p resolution and 10000:1 contrast.
  • Almost no shadow and glare – thanks to ultra-short throwing distance.
  • Wall-mount included – for quick and easy installation, compatible with height adjustable systems.
  • Future-proof connectivity – incl. MHL and network support.
  • Cost effective replacement – of existing NEC UM Series installations to achieve higher resolutions without re-positioning of the existing wall-mount.
  • Multi-Touch Interactivity – 255 touch points and auto-calibration.
  • 3D ready – for playback of engaging 3D applications and movies.
  • Free DisplayNote Multiuser and Mosaic Canvas Whiteboard Licence – with the optional DisplayNote Multiuser license or Mosaic Canvas whiteboard software, turn this interactive device into the centrepiece of a modern meeting environment.