VC-B2U Full HD 90° FOV Webcam

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• Full HD 1080p premium video quality
• Wide 90° field of view angle can capture people with ease
• Dual microphones capture voice from every angle
• Quick and easy USB connecting
• Compatible with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.
• Compatible with Barco ClickShare Conference
• 5 Year Warranty
* Also sold as VC-B2TE for some countries 


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Daha fazla bilgi


Full HD 1080p Premium Video Image Quality

The VC-B2U equips with professional Full HD sensor to ensure the best color reproduction. With our unique color balancing algorithm, the VC-B2U provides natural looking skin tones in the meeting. 
Lumens VC-B2U

Lumens VC-B2U

Wide 90° Field of View Angle can Capture People with Ease

The VC-B2U yields a video frame without any distortion via the perfect field of view design and correcting technology. In addition, with a fixed lens design, you will always be focused even with major movement in a meeting.

Dual Microphones Capture Voice from Every Angle

We dedicate our efforts to optimizing the speech processing algorithm, so the VC-B2U built-in microphones can effectively pick up the human voice. Also, the pick-up distance is up to 3.6 meters, which is perfect for huddle space video collaborations. 
Lumens VC-B2U

Lumens VC-B2U

Personal Video Conference

• One-on-one conference call
• Premium quality camera with a clip for laptops or monitors
• Work from home video communication
• Optimized microphone dis tance 3.6 meters 

Huddle Space Video Conference

• Stand-up video conference; no table and chairs required
• Pop-in meeting set-up
• Short and brief communication
• MIC array optimized dis tance 3.6 meters
Lumens VC-B2U



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